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Disposable Endocavity Latex Probe Covers

Leapmed Latex Ultrasound cover LPCOVE is made high quality natural rubber latex which provides hygienic protection of patient and doctor during ultrasonic examinations. It aids as protection covers in avoiding contamination of ultrasound probes by bodily fluids to facilitate cleaning and Sanitization of the probes.

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Disposable Single-Use Biopsy Guide

Leapmed Disposable Single-Use Biopsy Guide is an endocavity needle guide, which offers a smooth entry tip and has been designed with patient comfort in mind. The disposable design of the guide helps to reduce the risks associated with cross contamination while maximizing patient throughput. Guide accepts 16-18G instruments.

  • Wide open offers quick needle insertion in darkened room.
  • New round tip provides improved patient comfort during endovaginal and endorectal procedures.
  •  Directs instruments according to on-screen biopsy guidelines and offers surgeons’ real-time visualization ensuring patient safety throughout the procedure.
  • Disposable design of guide helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and increases productivity with ease and safety.

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RocaFlow 3way Silicone Prostatic Catheter

After TURP or prostatectomy, the two eyes under the balloon improves the drainage of the Urine and the blood from the bladder neck. The main characteristics are:

  • Large bevels and eyes for insure excellent drainage capacity and optimal irrigation. The large inner lumen and the low risk of incrustation ensure  a high level of drainage performance even when the catheter is inserted for a longer duration.
  • Wide irrigation and drainage channels to prevent blocking
  • Large diameter for large chunks of debris to pass through the catheter
  • Patient-Friendly – The 100% silicone irrigation catheter has a very low allergenic potential. it remains kind to the skin even if it remains inserted for a long duration and has a low risk of incrustation.
  • Under Control – The transparent silicone enables the urine drainage and the urine level to be permanently controlled. X-Ray contrast strips in the catheter.

Available in:

  1. Straight
  2. Couvelaire
  3. Dufour
  4. Delinotte

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