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Biomol is a semiautomatic device for modified Menghini-Type Biopsy.


  • Tri-axial system with inner trapping device
  • Throw length 25mm or 15mm
  • light, easy handling, easy to use and charge
  • loading with retraction system
  • activation indicator
  • automatic sampling
  • lateral or rear firing button
  • passive safety system
  • safe for patients
  • avoids bleeding and seeding

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HS Nota

Hs Nota is a soft-tissues tru-cut biopsy needle.

Device Features:

  • Light, easy handling, easy to use and to change.
  • Loading with rotating system.
  • Loading indicator
  • Automatic sampling
  • Security feature that automatically activates during the device charging.
  • Rear firing position
  • 25mm penetration depth
  • Inner echogenic marker

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Precisa is a semiautomatic tru-cut device for histological biopsy.

Device Features:

  • Releasable cannula with depth marks and luer lock connector for multiple biopsy under CT guidance.
  • 20mm sample notch removable stylet
  • Additional pyramidal tip stylet for positioning under CT guidance
  • Two rings grip to perform procedures with one hand only; visualization of selected sample dimension through a dedicated aperture.
  • Inner echogenic marker
  • Stereotactic spacer
  • Safety block

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The Spirotome

The Spirotome is the main product to acquire high-quality soft tissues for engineering and liquid phase analysis.  The ready-to-use kit contains a trocar, receiving needle with helix, cutting cannula, and release element.

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Trapsystem Set

Trapsystem Set is the first bone marrow biopsy needle that avoids the deflection technique.

Device Features:
• Jamshidi needle with tapered “fish mouth” tip (to easily penetrate the bone), depth marks and ergonomic handle with luer lock connector (it ensures safe grip and manoeuvrability and force distribution on the palm of the hand).
• removable stylet with pyramidal tip.
• Trapsystem device with tip designed to trap the sample into the Jamshidi needle avoiding the deflection technique.
• extraction wire with blunt tip intended for sample size evaluation and sample retrieval.
• safety guide intended for needle tip covering to avoid damages for personnel.
• luer lock cap.

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TRUE-CUT is a soft tissues tru-cut biopsy needle.

Device Features:
• cannula with depth marks and depth stop
• stylet with 18mm sample notch
• sample dimension choice possibility
• two rings grip to perform the procedure with one hand only, with window to see the chosen sample dimension (10 o 20mm)
• inner echogenic marker
• safety block
• optional coaxial introducer needle (add “-I” at the end of the needle code)

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