RocaFlow 3way Silicone Prostatic Catheter

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After TURP or prostatectomy, the two eyes under the balloon improves the drainage of the Urine and the blood from the bladder neck. The main characteristics are:

  • Large bevels and eyes for insure excellent drainage capacity and optimal irrigation. The large inner lumen and the low risk of incrustation ensure  a high level of drainage performance even when the catheter is inserted for a longer duration.
  • Wide irrigation and drainage channels to prevent blocking
  • Large diameter for large chunks of debris to pass through the catheter
  • Patient-Friendly – The 100% silicone irrigation catheter has a very low allergenic potential. it remains kind to the skin even if it remains inserted for a long duration and has a low risk of incrustation.
  • Under Control – The transparent silicone enables the urine drainage and the urine level to be permanently controlled. X-Ray contrast strips in the catheter.

Available in:

  1. Straight
  2. Couvelaire
  3. Dufour
  4. Delinotte


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