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Endoflow II is an advantage in Urology, General Surgery and Gynecology. A unique system for fluid management for irrigation, aspiration and high-pressure irrigation. it has a wide range of pressure modes that covers the needs of Urology Ureteroscopy, Turp and Laparoscopy, Gynecology Hysterscopy and Laparoscopy and General Surgery Laparoscopy.

It provides improved surgical precision with steady liquid flow during irrigation/aspiration gives improved visibility, the indicated pressure on the machine is identical to the pressure in the closed cavity and fluid heated and maintained.

Main features:

  • Accurate pressure management
  • Bag Heated and Maintained at 38°+/-2
  • User-Friendly Manipulation
  • Isostatic Irrigation System
  • Suction Pump


Endoflow II Endoflow II Gynaecology Urology

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