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New extravascular device for occlusion of the femoral arterial access site. “Glubran 2 Seal Device” is the applicator specially studied to be hooked and made slipping along the outer surface of the introducer sheath , to go easily through the subcutaneous adipose tissue and to stop itself into the point where the glue is released. The applicator is in 5-6 French and 7-8 French sizes.


  • occlusion of the femoral access site in retrograde and antegrade position
  • release of the glue in extravascular site
  • no need to interrupt the anticoagulant therapies
  • fast and safe occlusion due to the remarkable reactivity and adhesiveness of the glue
  • reduction of any infections connected to the bacteriostatic activity of the glue
  • biocompatible
  • guarantees the occlusion of the femoral access site even when the application is in the femoral artery, deep or superficial, femoral bifurcation, by-pass (PTFE, Dacron, venous) and calcific vessels
  • opportunity to immediately repunching the artery
  • requires a short learning curve
  • earlier patient’s walking activity
  • reduction of hospital stay costs due to the early discharge of the patient
  • execution of the procedure in complete safety by carefully following the application steps


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